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52 Simple Pleasures for a Hygge Life
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52 Simple Pleasures for a Hygge Life

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It's easy to get caught up in a to-do list and forget to appreciate the simple pleasures surrounding us. No matter where you are, there are ways to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Below are lists of simple activities, pleasures, and little luxuries you can add and appreciate throughout your day.

Food and Drinks

  • Brew a fresh pot of really good coffee and let the scent overtake your kitchen.
  • Pop a bowl of popcorn (with extra butter) and watch that movie you meant to see in the theater but never found time to.
  • Have breakfast for dinner.
  • Make a hot cup of chai at home.
  • Walk pass by a bakery and enjoy the scent of baking bread.
  • Seek out and try a new restaurant nearby.

Outdoor Inspired

  • Watch squirrels, birds, or other small animals interact in your backyard.
  • Cloud watch.
  • Take an evening walk.
  • Visit a bookstore.
  • Be in awe when you see the holiday decorations go up.
  • Watch sunrises.
  • Watch sunsets.
  • See a full moon.
  • See a rainbow… maybe even a double rainbow.
  • Walk through a pile of leaves.
  • Feel the warmth of sunlight on your face.
  • Feel excited about the start of a new season.

 Relaxing Activities

  • Meditate.
  • Start a gratitude list of all the things that make you happy.
  • Start a "quote book."
  • Read a book that makes you feel all cozy inside.
  • Sit, daydream, and let your imagination run wild!
  • Listen to audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Notice beautiful moments while they're happening.

Little Luxuries

  • Unhurried mornings.
  • Change out the hand soap and dish soap in your home to seasonal scents you love.
  • Feather pillows.
  • Feeling understood.
  • An at-home spa day.
  • Fresh Flowers.
  • Take a long, hot shower.
  • Take a long, hot bath.
  • Wrap up in a soft robe or hot towel straight out of the dryer.
  • Stretch and do some at-home yoga.
  • Take a nap under a heavy blanket you've warmed in the dryer. It's pure bliss.
  • Fancy skin-care products.
  • Listening to music you love.
  • Spending the day in pajamas.
  • Good hair days.
  • Time with friends.
  • Alone time.
  • Burn candles in a scent you love.
  • Hang up fairy lights around your home to give it a warm and cozy glow.
  • Sometimes we just need to be giant babies and swaddle ourselves in only the softest things. Find yours and snuggle in.
  • Sleeping in fresh linens.

Unexpected Simple Pleasures

  • Getting a package in the mail, finding bubble wrap….and keeping the bubble wrap for yourself! According to one study, one minute of popping bubble wrap relieves as much stress as a 30-minute massage!
  • Catching all the green lights.
  • Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep.
  • Rainy days.
  • Having no plans.
  • Great ideas that come to you in the shower.

Take a moment to pause

I hope the ideas above inspire you to think of even more ways you can find and add simple pleasures to your day. 

Even though your days are packed taking care of everyone else, it's essential that you find little ways to relax, take joy in your surroundings, and enjoy a little "me time"