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Based on 62 reviews
January box

Loved everything in this months box. The candle smells lovely and the pencils are just what I needed!

Great subscription box

I’ve tried a few subscription boxes and Hygge Box is one where I love everything that comes and actually use the products. There’s always a good mix of treats and things that make me or my home feel cozy. Definitely would recommend if you love lifestyle subscription boxes.

Love it!!!

I ordered this December box for both my boss and nurse that works with me daily. They were both so pleased with its contents. Thank you provide for providing the perfect, thoughtful gift!

Home Is Hygge came broken

Hi there, I have been a member of Hygge Box for about a year now. My thoughts are that I truly loved last christmases box as it had a theme and included a book as well. Over this past year, I’ve noticed the box often offers the same types of products but just in different scents / items like that. I have been on the deluxe plan for the entire year but it felt like as of late more boxes are including less “wow” items then when I first started off. I’ve only received two books in a year which is a bummer because I really love when the books are included, as it gives the box something more. But I’ve also really enjoyed the treats as they are always different. I received my last box and it had a broken home is Hygge gift set :( I am going to stick with this last box on my subscription plan and then I will probably close this subscription box (maybe?). Thank you!!


This was given as a gift, my daughter absolutely LOVES each and every item. They are all great quality and each brings a smile to her face when received.

Beautiful box and thoughtful items

I was delighted by my box and helpful customer service!

The whole experience

Each box has been beautifully presented and each item serves as a delight to the senses. I would recommend this subscription to anyone that craves those little moments of living in the moment.

As always, a fabulous treat!

Every Hygge Box brings comfort to my door! The products are beautiful and chosen with a lot of care. I've received this box for years now, and it still surprises me every month, and I have loved every item so far.


This is my favorite subscription box! It has never failed to bring me joy!

Love the Hygge Box!

Always a treat!

In the midst of what's been such a challenging year, I treated myself to a Hygge box and I was glad I did. The box was filled with delicious treats and thoughtful touches; enough to bring a little warmth and joy to a long autumn! If I could, I would subscribe monthly, but getting a box every once in a while is a lovely gift to treat yourself. Highly recommend! :)

You GET me!!

I have loved every single box I’ve received and as a typically “tough” person to buy for, I am incredibly impressed. You’re my people!

Amazing self indulgence

I’ve had this box for years and it is still just as exciting for me to get every month! I feel like this is personally picked out for me! Such an amazing box!

Sorely needed comfort

I can't go to the gym because of covid, and this is a perfect way to spend that gym membership. Especially this winter not being able to see family, I'm greatly looking forward to this lovely box of indulgence.

My favorite

I absolutely adore getting this subscription box! It hits the mark every single month, this month was especially sweet with the wonderful mug that is my new favorite.

Masks were disturbing addition

I loved almost everything in the box, but the masks were an extremely upsetting addition. I bought the Hygge box specifically to take my mind off current events, not be reminded of them. Canceled my subscription due to this. Absolutely would have kept subscription otherwise, great products.

Wonderful treats

I love the box because it is all these little luxuries I would not buy myself.

Always a good day

I love the day each month when I receive my box. I am always pleased with the items. I have subscribed for awhile now, and look forward to getting my favorite brands of tea of hot chocolate at least once a year. If the item isn’t something I would use, it always makes a nice gift for a friend. Right now as the pandemic wears on, my box delivery is always something to look forward to each month.

Super cute and cozy!

Loved the box! It was super cute and cozy. I wish there was a way to modify for allergies, though. That's why I knocked down a star. Had to give away my spicy hot chocolate due to a capsaicin allergy. Loved the rest!

Great presentation extremely expensive

Overly priced. I spent 40 dollars a month on this box. I subscribe to other boxes and they aren’t as expensive. I think it’s wrong to charge shipping. Very disappointed

Makes my month!

I love getting my Hygge box every month. The snacks are always tasty and I've loved the teas, coffee, and cocoa I've gotten. Its always a bright spot no matter what kind of month I'm having.

Dreamy box, simple pleasures

I first received a Hygge box as a birthday gift and it ended up being such a fun treat for 3 months - curated items I would never have found on my own that brought me joy, particularly during quiet time when I was in the house more often. I then gifted the box to my sister and she has also been delighted. Hygee - simple pleasures mean even more these days.

This is the perfect gift!

I've been gifting Hygge boxes to my daughter for some time, and she loves them! When she receives one, she opens it while we're on the phone, and she sends me a photo of each item. Some of her very favorite things have come from Hygge boxes.


I loved everything in my box and have used everything! I use the vitamin c serum every morning and it makes me glow! The cookies were delicious and the coffe was too! I love the smell of the hand wash and i absolutely love my bag! Its so cute!!! Thank You!!

Hooray for Hygge!

I absolutely loved my first Hygge Box! The autumnal candle, coffees, cookies, vitamin C serum and canvas tote were chic, pampering...sublime! I cannot wait to see what next month’s box has in store for me as I learn to embrace the Hygge lifestyle.