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Monthly Deluxe
Sofia Lopes

Lots of little things that put a smile on your face, coffee, cookies, a book, a mug,... all things to set a cozy night! I like the diversity of brands, and the story behind them.

Love it!

This is my first box after receiving 4 boxes from another “Fun” company that just didn’t meet my expectations. It was fun to be surprised as I loved having so many fun, high quality gifts! Loved the size of the mug and that it was dishwasher safe, my kids devoured the stoop waffles and I hope to light the candle this weekend. Thank you!!!

Monthly Deluxe
Regina Hansen

This was one of the best boxes ever. I love getting a book!

Refreshing and easy

I really enjoyed this tea. It was very refreshing and so easy to prepare. Great for on the go when you don't have hot water handy. I highly recommend this tea if you enjoy fruit flavors.

Slow + Sweet
Tammy Goughnour
Love it!

This was such a fun box! It hit all the Hygge moments! Cookies, tea with cute heart ice cubes, a lovely candle and a fun puzzle to complete- plus a darling bicycle holder that is super cute!
Love every part! Thank you!!

Monthly Deluxe
Pamela Stewart
Love, love, love

This was the best box ever. I absolutely loved ever single item….omg.

Bi-Annually Deluxe
Julia Gracie
August box not as good as usual

This box offered less items than usual. Usually I get a beauty product, bath product, or bar of scented soap, but did not receive any of these items in this box. I really like getting those types of items. I like getting tea, but I prefer single serve bags, this box I had one bag to make a gallon of tea -- and it didn't have instructions on how to make it. I got a silicone ice cube tray in the shape of hearts -- its ok but I probably will never use it. I also got a puzzle with mushrooms -- I won't use that. And I got a little bag -- it's ok.

On a positive note, I did like the cookies and the candle that I received in this box.

Monthly Deluxe
Brooks Hay

The wife looks forward to Hygge day each month. Such a perfect box for her to kick her feet up and be relaxed.

Bi-Annually Deluxe
Wendh Allen
Wish I could love it more.

With food allergies the cookies are always a no-go for me. The iced tea was lovely but the silicone heart ice cubes are too fussy for my taste. As always the candle is my favorite part!

Quarterly Deluxe
Kelly Ostrowski
Love it!

I really don't know what else to say besides "I love it." My whole family gets excited when the box arrives. We love trying the snacks and picking where to add hygge accessories around the house. It really does bring us together. And that is hygge for sure.

Monthly Deluxe
Patti Moore
Great box

This months box was really nice, I loved the smell of the candle. It smells just like summer. I love the bowl which I will likely use for jewelry

Thanks for the great review, Patti! We're happy to hear that you enjoyed your July Hygge Box. We also love the Sea Salt Surf scent, and it's so soothing and relaxing. And a fantastic idea to use the bowl for jewelry! <3

Monthly Deluxe
Jessica schaan
It's a dose of calm every month

I really enjoy getting this box every month and have been a fan of the concept of a Hygge lifestyle for a couple of years now and am happy to have this box to help me treat myself and have a monthly reminder to stop, simplify, and recharge :)

Jessica, thank you for your 5-star review! We're so glad that you discovered hygge and Hygge Box. Thank you for taking the time to recharge and treating yourself each month.

Monthly Deluxe
Kayla McGehee
Perfect ❣️

The box I didn't know I needed! I'm excited to keep receiving these. I loved the bowl - perfect for ice cream and one of the included stroop waffles. The scent of the home items are a hit with the family! A great self care box that has elements to be enjoyed for the whole family.

Thank you for your lovely review, Kayla! We love hearing that Hygge Box is enjoyed by you and your family. We are grateful that you've found Hygge Box. Thanks for being a member and hyggespreder. We look forward to sending you your next Hygge Box.

Quarterly Standard
Terry Glaser
Box 2

There are always such interesting things to try! My daughter-in-law shared the contents today. I noted that the candle had melted a bit due to the Very hot weather it was exposed to during shipping. I would suggest you include candles in the fall and winter shipments!

Hej Terry! Thank you for your helpful review. We hope your daughter-in-law experienced hyggelig moments with her July Hygge Box (despite the candle incident). <3

Quarterly Deluxe
Samuel D.
Great boxes of goodies!

Great boxes of goodies - delicious and addictive snacks, great-smelling candles and face masks, and other fun goodies in each box.

Thanks for the great review, Samuel! We're happy to hear that you're enjoying your hygge boxes and the goodies inside.

Bi-Annually Deluxe
Shauna Claxton
Excellent gift for my bestie who loves Scandinavia

I got an upper mid level package to be delivered for 6 months as a gift for my best friend.
She did a video each month of her box opening so I could see her excitement. Every month has been better than the last (3 months so far) The style of the products, type and sources are all as advertised and of very good or excellent quality. It’s definitely an inspiration to get cozy and read a good book, pamper yourself, make your space more comfortable or look into new companies you may have never heard of.

Shauna, thank you for your wonderful review and the compliments! We're delighted that your bestie is enjoying her Hygge Boxes. It's so sweet of her to send you monthly unboxing videos, what a great way to share in the experience.

Minimalist Mug
Florence Schell
Sophisticated Beauty Mug

What a treat to receive my duo of charcoal mugs. A work of art each one. Thank you.

Florence, thank you for your review. We're glad that you are enjoying your set of minimalist mugs. They are really beautiful pieces of work that will transform that first sip into something to savor. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Organic Lemongrass Tea
Carletta Stephens
very nice items, but no Hygge box

the items I ordered were very nice but I was disappointed that they were not boxed in a Hygge box since this was a gift. I was able to put the items in a Hygge box that I had saved from a gift from my daughter.

Hej Carletta!

Thank you for your kind review. We are happy that you are content with your Hygge Box shop order. I'm sorry that the products weren't packed in a Hygge Box because those boxes are only used for pre-curated boxes; I'm glad you had one on hand to put everything in. Thank you so much for your support. Have a hyggelig day!

Monthly Deluxe
Christa Siegel
Delightful monthly treat!

I’ve been getting Hygge boxes for 6 months now and have enjoyed each one. If it contains something that’s not my style, I can always find someone to give it to, but this has only happened once or twice. The food and beverage treats are excellent (loved the shortbread cookies), and the whimsical items like the woolen sheep in June makes me smile every time I look at it. I’m so glad I discovered the Hygge box!

Christa, many thanks for your lovely review! We are grateful that you've found Hygge Box. Thank you for being a member and hyggespreder. We can't wait to send you your next Hygge Box.

Bi-Annually Deluxe
Nancy Kelly
I really enjoyed this box

The face mask was wonderful! I loved the little lamb. The teapigs really are delightful in my water bottle. I have not gotten to use the blanket yet but it will be nice to take to the beach!!

Hej Nancy! We're happy to hear you enjoyed your June Hygge Box. Thank you for your review and for sharing the joy each item brought.

Annually Deluxe
Rhiannon Locke
Lovely concept, but still some work to do.

I've enjoyed the majority of my delux boxes since subscribing in November 2020. However, I find the reliance on so many throw-away, battery-powered lighting devices and plastic packaging to be a major draw-back. I appreciate little niceties. But I maintain a plastic-free household at considerable expense and planning (at 36-years-old, I've been hearing of ecological crises and global warming since I could understand speech, and I take it seriously). So when I receive baubles wrapped or packaged in plastic, I feel disappointed in myself for purchasing it. I am guaranteed to cancel my subscription unless this changes.

Rhiannon, thank you for your honest feedback. Your comments regarding plastic packaging is very insightful. We agree that lessening the amount of plastic in our packaging will be both beneficial to the environment as well as to us. We will assess the amount of plastic we use and work to be more environmentally-conscious.

Annually Deluxe
Jessica Boëly
Love the idea, not liking the recent changes

I got this box for a while last year and had to stop my subscription for financial reasons. I was quite upset but was able to restart this year. I loved the joy that I would get each month when I received the box. I would grab my little card with a beautiful design and read the descriptions to my husband. It was a fun bonding time for us. Now, there is a flimsy booklet with the descriptions and it just isn’t the same. I’m not feeling the same joy as I used to when I open my boxes. I agree with a recent reviewer about the variety of products as well.

Thank you for your review, Jessica. We're glad that you were able to reactivate your subscription. It's wonderful to hear that your Hygge Boxes bring you joy. We're sorry to hear that you don't like the new booklet, we may go back to the card for fall. If you'd like to share additional feedback on how we can improve your future Hygge Boxes, please reach out to our team at customercare@shophyggebox.com

Quarterly Deluxe
Karen Paulson

My Hygge Box is always a highlight of my month. A nice surprise in the midst of all that is going on. I'm always delighted by the contents, usually eat any included snacks while I'm going through the rest of my new treasures, many of which I didn't know existed or that I wanted!!! Many thanks for being so thoughtful and deliberative about what you include in each box.

Karen, thank you for your lovely review! We're happy to hear that you are enjoying your subscription. We look forward to sending your next Hygge Box.

Delicious Shortbread Biscuits

The biscuits taste delicious and fresh. Excellent with a cup of coffee or champagne!!

PYT Button
Lyle Hendricksen
My stress management system.

The PYT button is just what I needed to initiate “let it go” of those irritating stimulus situations that detract from the important work to be done.