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Awakening Joy Hygge Box Deluxe | Shop Hygge Box
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Make Your Home Cozier with Awakening Joy

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Introducing our Awakening Joy Hygge Box - where every day blooms with the promise of renewal and comfort. Lovingly curated, each element in this box is a stepping stone to creating happiness and tranquility in your home. Whether you're celebrating a new home, gifting this box, or simply welcoming the new day ahead, this hygge box is designed to enrich every moment with a hint of cozy luxury.

Inside the Awakening Joy Hygge Box

Sage Tealight Candle Set
Ignite your senses with the Sage Tealight Candle Set. Infused with the timeless wisdom of garden sage, these candles illuminate your space with a clean, herbal fragrance that purifies the air and calms the mind. Perfect for meditative moments or a soothing end to your day, these tealights are a gentle reminder of the peace that nature brings.

Sage Tealight Candle 4 pk
Moroccan Mint Tea
Revitalize your spirit with a cup of Moroccan Mint Tea. This refreshing blend of gunpowder green tea and vibrant mint leaves offers a taste of North African hospitality right in your cup. Enjoy the uplifting, minty freshness that invites a breath of cool air to your morning routine or a soothing pause to your afternoon.
Herby Pretzel Braids
Dive into the rich flavors of Herby Pretzel Braids, where each twist is packed with the bold tastes of roasted garlic and savory onions. These vegan delights are perfect for sharing during a cozy evening or enjoying as a hearty snack to complement your favorite beverage.
Printed Dish Towel
Adorn your kitchen with the Farmer's Market Dish Towel, a celebration of nature's abundance depicted in vibrant greens. This beautifully woven jacquard towel not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also speaks to the heart of those who cherish sustainable, farm-to-table living.
Farmers Market Dishtowel

Wooden Teak Plate
Experience the natural beauty and durability of a teakwood plate. Each piece, unique in its grain and hue, brings a slice of heritage to your daily meals or décor. It's a piece of art that celebrates the legacy of craftsmanship and the timeless charm of teak.

Reclaimed Teak Wood Round Plate

Knees & Elbows Serum
Treat your skin to the nurturing touch of Carrot Spice Knees & Elbows Serum. This blend of carrot seed, cinnamon, and lemon oils is designed to soften and revitalize your skin's roughest areas, infusing your daily care routine with a dose of aromatic, spice-infused luxury.

Carrot Spice Knees & Elbows
Deluxe Exclusive: Stoneware Divided Tray
Enhance your home with the functionality and elegance of the Green Mist Divided Tray. Whether used to display culinary creations or organize everyday essentials, this tray combines practicality with aesthetic appeal, making it a versatile addition to any room.
Green Mist Divided Tray for Dips
The Awakening Joy Hygge Box is a curated experience that transforms everyday actions into moments of deep comfort and joy. It’s your companion in celebrating the simple, yet profound joys of life, making every day a little more special.