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Practice Gratitude with Shop Hygge Box
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Practice Gratitude

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Practicing gratitude helps to keep our brain healthy and our attitude upbeat. Being grateful is not only a state of mind but a lifestyle choice. It has been shown to improve our relationships and overall life satisfaction. Those that study mindfulness point out that we are more likely to stay in the moment when we adopt an attitude of gratitude. Here are some ways you can become more grateful:

Keep a gratitude journal

The simple act of writing down what you are grateful for can be an emotional and mental game changer. A journal will help you track your moods, tolerance levels and measure your positivity. By the end of one month you should see yourself more considerate, grateful and optimistic.

Thank someone who makes your life go smoothly

The babysitter, housekeeper or a neighbor who looks after your plants when you are away. Whoever it is, let them know how much you appreciate them. Saying thanks is the simplest and kindest form of gratitude.

Take a gratitude walk

Step outside and take mental note of all the wonderful natural things that surround you. Try to make a point of giving thanks to the daily things we take for granted like fresh air, trees, flowers, rain and chirping birds.

Reach out to someone who has been there for you

This could be in the form of a text, call, email or hand written note. Think of someone who has helped make your life’s journey better and safer. Even writing cards to those who are no longer with you, but who made a huge difference in your life, can be a lovely act of remembrance and a good way to practice gratitude.

Kiss the ground

Thank our precious planet by recycling, using less paper products, water or heat. Composting is another great way to save water by helping the soil hold moisture and reduce water runoff. By doing your part each day, you will help to raise your gratitude for the world we live in.