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The Happiest Nations
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The Happiest Nations

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Have you ever wondered which countries are the happiest in the world?

Every year, a big study called the World Happiness Report tells us just that. This year, just like the past six years, Finland is the happiest place to be. But there are other happy countries too, and we're going to talk about them and what makes people there so happy.

Starting at number seven, we have Norway. Imagine mountains and beautiful seas—that's Norway for you. People here love to be outside and they really care about keeping the Earth clean and healthy. Being close to nature and looking after our planet makes them very happy.

Next, at number six, is the Netherlands, also known as Holland. People in Holland have a special way to be happy called niksen, which means just chilling out and doing nothing. It's like taking a break and letting yourself relax is their secret to feeling good.

Moving on to number five, we find Israel. Even though Israel has some tough times, the people are really good at sticking together. They help each other out a lot, and this sense of community is a big reason they're so happy.

In fourth place is Sweden. Sweden is known for its cool inventions and making sure everyone is safe and has a good job. They also really care about our planet. Knowing they're making the world a better place brings them a lot of joy.

Now, at number three, we have Iceland. It's a place full of amazing nature and lots of artists and writers. Icelanders believe that creating and enjoying art makes life better. Plus, their beautiful country gives them plenty of happiness.

Coming in at second place is Denmark. Denmark is a friendly country where people trust and take care of each other. Everyone having what they need and feeling included is key to their happiness.

And finally, the happiest country in the world is... Finland! For seven years in a row, Finland has been at the top. People in Finland are super happy because they have great schools, nice homes, and they all work together to protect the environment. They also make sure to include everyone, so no one feels left out.

This year's report also tells us that being happy can be different depending on how old you are. But one thing stays the same: having friends and feeling loved is super important for everyone's happiness. And, when we do nice things for others, it makes us feel good, too.

So, what's the takeaway from all these happy countries? Happiness comes from caring for each other, enjoying our world, and finding joy in simple things. These countries show us that working together to make our communities better makes everyone a lot happier.