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Hygge Retreat Box
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Hygge Retreat Box

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Our Hygge Retreat Box is inspired by those precious moments that fill your heart with happiness. Whether it’s the comforting embrace of a hot soak, the soft glow of candlelight, or the indulgent taste of a raspberry chocolate bar, this box is a testament to the beauty of indulging in life's simple pleasures. It encourages you to curl up with a good book, engage in self-care, and allow yourself moments of indulgence and hygge charm. Each item in this box has been selected to make you smile and lead you to a life filled with comfort and joy.

Inside the Hygge Retreat Box

Whispers Soy Candle

Begin your journey into hygge with our Whispers Soy Candle. It smells like a fresh garden with a touch of citrusy bergamot. When it's lit, it's like being wrapped in a gentle, floral hug. Let this candle turn your room into a peaceful retreat.

Rose Lemonade

Then, take a sip of Rose Lemonade. It's got the soft taste of roses and the zing of lemon, with bubbles that dance on your tongue. Enjoy it with ice or mix it into a fancy drink. It's like a flowery party with every sip.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Treat yourself to some Raspberry Dark Chocolate. It’s smooth 70% dark chocolate mixed with bright raspberry flavors. Made with love and natural honey, this yummy chocolate is something you can feel good about eating. It's got no bad stuff, just pure, sweet goodness.

Everyday Mantras

Find inspiration with Everyday Mantras. This book gives you thoughtful sayings for each day to help you slow down and feel good inside. It's about finding calm and making a difference in our busy world by doing simple things with love.

One Lip Wonder

Give your lips some love with One Lip Wonder. This vegan lip care makes your lips soft and happy. It uses healthy stuff like peptides and coconut oil for a natural boost. It's made without any yucky ingredients and is perfect for keeping your lips smiling.

Deluxe Extra: Eyes Eyes Baby

And if you order the Deluxe Box, you'll also get Eyes Eyes Baby. This eye cream addresses puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles with a blend of caffeine, peptides, and antioxidants, awakening and hydrating the delicate skin around your eyes. It's another great way to take care of yourself in the hygge way.

The Hygge Retreat Box is all about bringing hygge into your life. Each item is a celebration of warmth and happiness, crafted to enrich your appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. This collection is your companion in cultivating a sense of contentment and everyday cheerfulness. Prepare to discover the delight in life’s modest treasures through the lens of hygge.