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Things I ate, drank, and loved in May

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I've been savoring the delights of May like a cherished long weekend. Each product in our May Hygge Box, aptly named "A Long Weekend," was a love letter to the simple pleasures that define this month. Whether indulging in alfresco dining or cozying up with a new brew, each item brought a touch of magic to my daily routine.

First, there's the Escape candle, crafted with refreshing bergamot and sea salt, leading into a lush garden of mint and peony. Lighting it was like stepping into a serene landscape, transforming my space into a tranquil sanctuary. The scent journey ended with soothing notes of juniper and marine, making every moment a peaceful retreat.

Hygge Haus Escape Soy Candle in Glass Jar - 4 oz

Next, the Chocolate Alfajor was an indulgence beyond words. Imagine two tender chocolate cookies enveloping a rich dulce de leche heart, all wrapped in a smooth chocolate coating. It was an unforgettable treat, perfect for savoring slowly, bite by decadent bite. This Argentinian delight quickly became my go-to indulgence for a moment of pure bliss.

chocolate alfajor

For a refreshing pause, the Lemon Crème Tea was like a cozy hug in a cup. Made from high-elevation Ceylon black tea leaves, Australian lemon verbena, and a hint of lemon peel, this blend offered a citrusy, creamy, and slightly earthy experience. Each sip was a recharge, dancing with notes of vanilla and brown sugar, making my tea breaks moments of serene enjoyment.

Tea with Tae Lemon Creme Tea in Pouch - 5 sachets

Embracing comfort and style, the soft simple beige wrap became my everyday companion. Lightweight and elegant with its self-fringe detail, it effortlessly complemented any outfit. Whether used as a shawl during travels or a cozy wrap on a breezy day, it reminded me to find joy in simple moments and carry a piece of warmth wherever I went.

Nine West Solid Self Fringe Wrap Beige Color

The Rose Quartz Clay Mud Mask elevated my skincare routine into a therapeutic ritual. With nurturing ingredients and uplifting floral notes, it pampered my skin and soul. This mask, a blend of love and healing, left my complexion radiant and my spirits uplifted, making self-care a cherished part of my week.

Rose Quartz Clay Mud Mask in Pouch - 5 uses

A surprise favorite from Hygge Box, the Nyåkers original gingersnap cookies (you might've received something else), added a touch of tradition and comfort. These crisp, delicate treats from Sweden's oldest gingerbread bakery combined sweet and spicy notes of ginger, clove, and cinnamon. Each bite was like a warm hug, evoking a sense of pure hygge.

Gingersnap Cookies

Lastly, the Siren Silk whipped crème (in the Deluxe Box) became my skin's ultimate companion. With hydrating, resurfacing, and rejuvenating ingredients, it transformed my skin into a state of dewy perfection. This natural whipped crème, rich with Sea Retinol, Superherbs, superfood antioxidants, and plumping omegas, was luxury and comfort wrapped into one.

Earth Harbor Siren Silk Multi Tasking Hydration Creme

May was a month of simple pleasures and cozy moments, all thanks to the thoughtful curation of the Long Weekend Hygge Box. As we move towards summer, let's savor these little joys and embrace the abundance that life offers.