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Hygge Style Home Decor
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Hygge Style Home Decor

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I’m usually in awe when I stay in rental apartments in Copenhagen. The homes are clean, simple, stylish and also cozy. After visiting a few shops on Strøget (like Illum and Illums Bolighus), I experienced an aha moment… it's is a ‘Copenhagen Style’.

How to Make an Apartment Instantly ‘Copenhagen’

  • Wood floors are the only way to go and if you want to cozy it up, add a rug. I was surprised to come across brightly colored and Moroccan rugs but it works very nice into the entire decor of the place.
  • Paint all your walls white. Yes, ALL OF THEM. Don’t forget to paint all your baseboards and doors. They must be white too. I personally love white walls because it allows me to add pops of color without feeling totally committed (because painting is not easy) and because I feel like I'm living in an art gallery.
  • Bare windows are essential to let natural daylight in. If you can’t live without window coverings, add some stylish white blinds and make sure that they are rolled up. ‘Naked’ windows are not an issue in Denmark because Danes are taught that it’s impolite to stare into other peoples’ windows. We still have yet to master that skill here in the states so I keep my white blinds down most of the time.
  • Your sofa must be a tasteful color or stick to black. It must also be simple – none of this ‘all the way to the floor’ business. Legs – and nothing underneath. And thou should not add too many cushions which may sound counter-intuitive because cushions make for a cozy setting but too many break clean lines. And I totally get this but my couch has a LOT of pillows.
  • Get a statement chair. It has to be colorful and ideally by a designer from Denmark. Buy a woolly sheepskin and add this to the statement chair. If this doesn’t work into your budget, try IKEA. It is likely you will find something that will make someone question “Is it really from IKEA?" 
  • Have one normal chair next to your sofa where you add a stack of books or magazines. Make sure they are pleasing to your eyes because they are just there for decoration.
  • Put one green plant in the window – just one. Orchids seem to be popular in Copenhagen. If you don’t have a green thumb, start off with a succulent plant like a cactus.
  • To finish it off, add all or some of the following: a rug (this is one of few pieces that can be colorful), one or two framed art of designer things (chairs, statues, anything architectural and artsy). One standing lamp (must be tasteful and sleek). The coffee table must be in front of the sofa and it must have thin legs. And candles, lots and lots of candles.

Tips taken from Nørth: How to Live Scandinavian by Brontë Aurell