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Hygge Box Blog Post - Hygge Eating

How to Hygge with Family


Food is one of life’s joys. There are many ways that we can turn a meal into a mindful experience. Practiced over time, eating can help make mealtimes feel like a sanctuary, providing pleasure and calm in the day. Here are some simple ways to introduce more hygge into your mealtimes:


Turn off the TV and leave your mobile phone and other devices in another room so you can focus on mealtime.

Treat it like an occasion

Make each meal special. Lay the table and present your food well - even if you are eating alone. Sit down and enjoy the food on your plate.

Have a moment of pause

Stop for a moment before you start eating and express gratitude for the food you are about to eat. You may simply say something like “I am grateful for this food”.

Focus on a mouthful

For the first spoonful of food from each meal, fully engage with all the senses. Allow yourself to notice the colors of the food, savor the aroma, take note of the movements your hand and arm make to bring it to your mouth and then taste and feel the food in your mouth.

Eat slowly

It’s a good idea to put your utensils down between mouthfuls – this encourages you to focus on your food and digest properly. It takes up to twenty minutes for message of fullness to reach the brain, so eating fast means you are more likely to overstuff the stomach before realizing you are already full.