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create a hygge home
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How to Make Home Hygge

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Home is a place where we need to feel supported and respected. Cultivating a sense of togetherness in your home requires organization and time well spent. Here are a few ways for you to nurture connection in the home:

Make it a place for everyone

People feel more respected and connected when they have defined places in the home. When everyone feels there is a room for them around the table, people feel safe and not left out.

Bring on the cozy

Gathering around a fireplace or a soft rug brings out an unspoken sense of belonging - stories, jokes and conversations evoke human connection. Warm focal points set the scene for stories to be told and games to be played.


A comfortable couch where everyone can lay back is preferred over one that you are afraid to get dirty or even use. Make sure to design your space for living.


Disconnect to connect. If you want to promote lively discussion, rethink how much distraction is coming from electronics. People are more likely to start a conversation when there are no electronic devices. Living in a home where electronics are constantly on tends to lead to less interaction and more isolation.

Always have warm drinks & snacks

This is very important for hygge. Whether it’s meal time or not, having a warm beverage and snacks to nibble on will certainly draw a crowd. People love to take breaks and congregate and catch up on the news of the day.

Celebrate and enjoy your home by using the space as a retreat. Take advantage of all the wonderful hygge moments it has to offer.