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Choose hygge for slow living
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Benefits of Slower Living

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If you feel like you are constantly in a hurry, take inspiration from hygge and slow down. Here are some tips for slower living.

Get up an hour earlier

A rushed morning doesn’t do anyone good. Get up earlier so you have extra time to start your day off right.

Don’t over schedule

Keep spaces between your appointments and in your day, so that when tasks overrun there is time to finish them off.

Practice mindfulness

Be mindful of the transition between one activity and the next. There are moments of emptiness when you can pause, breathe and appreciate life.

Give yourself extra time

Leave half an hour earlier than you need to so that you can take it slowly. Find something enjoyable to do on the commute like listening to music, reading a book or knitting.

Build Patience

Try to arrive at appointments a few minutes early and encourage yourself to sit calmly. Instead of automatically distracting yourself with your phone, take in your surroundings.

After all tomorrow is another day

Accept the fact that you may not achieve everything you wanted today. Many of the deadlines we give ourselves are false and often can wait.

Take Breaks

When you are busy, it is tempting to cut back on downtime. Taking a pause from life is important because it helps you regain the much needed perspective and mindset to be productive and effective at work. Remind yourself how important it is to give yourself a break.