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Hygge for a Happier February
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Hygge for Happiness

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You've probably heard the quote "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content" - but does it really?

Do you sometimes have a love hate relationship with Sundays? It feels like the end of the weekend and all you can think about are all the activities and errands that you can squeeze into the day before it’s gone? Want to change that perspective?

Try hygge.

Allow Sunday to be your day of rest and chance to practice slow living. It can have such a positive impact on your mood and the week ahead. When you can look forward to Sundays and a new way of spending it, it will bring you a day of joy and happiness. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here’s how some tips on how to have a slow Sunday...

1) Sleep in and have a slow morning. Lounge around in my pajamas and don’t make any early plans (unless it’s something that you’re really excited for).

2) Depending if you feel like being social (or not), start your day with a beverage of your choice and make breakfast at home or meet up with your tribe for brunch.

3) Read 📚. Books are a great way to escape.

4) Get organized 📓. Take an hour out of the day to plan your week whether it be writing a to-do list 📝or creating a meal plan. Investing this small amount of time allows you to sleep better at night and not panic when Monday arrives. Do some “adulting” - pay bills, tidy up, do laundry, stuff like that. And if time permits, sneak in an episode or two of whatever is on your Netflix list. 

No more Sunday blues, just ❤.