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Feed Your Soul Deluxe Hygge Box
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Love Hygge Box

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What does Valentine's Day mean to you? For me, it's a day of love, warmth, and indulgence, a perfect opportunity to enjoy the coziness of hygge. The Love Hygge Box is nothing short of delightful, filled with items that perfectly captures love.

First and foremost, the bitter pink ginger incense included in this box is a game-changer. The spicy ginger, cinnamon & clove blended with lemongrass and the sweetness of rose is an instant mood-booster. The gentle waft of smoke is a reminder to slow down and savor the moment. Light this incense and let its warm fragrance fill the room as you settle in for a cozy evening.


Bitter Pink Ginger Scentsual Incense

Next up is the "love potion" from France, a concoction of fruity aromas of cherries and pinches of chili that promises to soothe the senses and promote relaxation. It gently warms the taste buds and is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. The soothing flavors create an experience that transcends words- like falling hopelessly in love with Paris.

Love Potion

No Valentine's Day would be complete without chocolate, and the chocolate almond with raspberries included in this box doesn't disappoint. Each one's a little bundle of indulgence from Sweden, and I savored each bite as I snuggled up in my new favorite cozy socks.

From the moment I flipped the cap and took a whiff, the natural aroma of green tea transported me to a calming oasis, helping me escape from the stresses of the day. With its delicate yet refreshing scent and nourishing properties, Archive's Journey Within shower gel is the perfect way to treat yourself to an indulgent shower experience.

Last but not least - the hand-crank mini music box, a charming little trinket that'll add a touch of whimsy to your day. I wound it up and listened to the sweet melody of Jimmie Davis' "You Are My Sunshine," as I nibbled on chocolate, feeling grateful for the simple pleasures of life.

Mini Music Box
Embrace Valentine's Day with this love-filled Hygge box, that promises to feed your soul. It serves as a gentle nudge to take things slow, relish each moment, and cherish life's little joys. Wrapped in a warm embrace and immersed in love, order yours today!