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Finland's Secret to Happiness
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Finland's Secret to Happiness

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Have you heard? Finland, the land of lakes and forests, has been named the world's happiest country for the SIXTH year in a row! That's right, the World Happiness Report, which evaluates happiness across over 150 nations, has once again crowned Finland as the happiest of them all. While this may come as a surprise to some, those familiar with the Finnish way of life know that it is not just a coincidence.

Finland is one of the most serene and secure countries in the world. It's all about following the rules and respecting others' rights, but as long as you do that, you can enjoy the freedom of living life on your own terms. And let me tell you, this country is absolutely stunning! The natural beauty here is off the charts - lush green forests, winding rivers, clean air, over 70 thousand islands, and nearly 188,000 lakes in all shapes and sizes. Talk about a paradise for fishing, hunting reindeer, and even picking wild berries and mushrooms during forest walks. And the best part? You can camp out in nature without having to shell out any cash. Can you believe it? It's no wonder Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world - with all this freedom, who wouldn't be happy? Just remember to treat nature with care and respect, and you'll be living your best life in this magical place.

Now, you might be wondering how they determine the rankings. The report looks at six critical factors - income, health, having someone to count on, having a sense of freedom to make key life decisions, generosity, and the absence of corruption.

So, what's Finland's secret to happiness? Experts at Aalto University attribute their happiness to their robust welfare system, which includes generous unemployment benefits and nearly free healthcare. Plus, their urban planning promotes health and security, emphasizing the importance of health promotion and community connections.

Now, in the 2023 world happiness rankings, there were some shakeups. Israel rose five places to claim the fourth spot, pushing Switzerland down to eighth place. Denmark held onto its second-place spot, while Sweden and Norway each climbed up a spot to sixth and seventh, respectively. Belgium advanced two spots to number 17, and Lithuania entered the top 20 for the first time, having risen more than 30 positions since 2017.

But what about North America? Canada moved up two spots to claim the lucky number 13 spot, while the United States rose one position to number 15. Overall, the report found that various forms of everyday kindness, like donating to charity and volunteering, are on the rise globally for the second consecutive year.

World Happiness Ranking 2023

So how do we continue to move up in the World’s Happiness Report? Perhaps by taking a page from Finland's book and focus on simplicity, togetherness, and prioritize well-being and quality of life. We can all contribute to making the world a happier place through acts of kindness and generosity. Who knows, maybe we'll make it to the top of that happiness ranking one day too!

Source: World Happiness Report 2023