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From Busy to Blissful - Slow Living, The Hygge Lifestyle
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From Busy to Blissful

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Are you ready to take a step back and focus on what really matters in life? Let's dive into the importance of slowing down and how it can help you create a life that you truly love. Taking small steps to improve your mental and physical wellbeing is the key to unlocking a more fulfilling and satisfying life. By breaking free from old habits and embracing new ones, you'll start to feel more at ease and content with your day-to-day routine. Let's explore together how slowing down can make a world of difference in your life.

So what is Slow Living, you might ask? Well, it's about cherishing life's moments - both big and small. It's about taking the time to be present in the here and now, because let's face it, time is precious and it's something we can never get back. For some, this may mean simplifying their lifestyle and stepping away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In today's world, we're constantly rushing from one task to the next, with little time to truly savor life's joys. But by intentionally slowing down and taking things at a more manageable pace, you can reap so many benefits for your body and soul. So let's make a conscious effort to slow down and create a life we truly love!


Slowing down and living a life you love can seem like an overwhelming task, but it all starts with being present in the moment. By practicing mindfulness, we can let go of past regrets and future worries and focus on the here and now.

Instead of letting our minds race with distractions, we can slow down and take a deep breath. Putting away our cell phones and other devices can help us connect with the present moment and reduce stress levels.

Taking the time to be fully present in the moment is a vital step towards adopting a slower pace in life. Let's remember that life is not a race, and by savoring each moment, we can create a life we truly love.

Refresh and Recharge

In our busy lives, it's easy to get lost in the endless tasks on our to-do list. But taking short breaks throughout the day can help us slow down and refresh our minds.

For me, typing on a computer all day can be draining. That's why I've recently made it a priority to add short breaks to my routine. By setting an alarm on my phone, I'm reminded to step away from the screen and recharge.

During these short breaks, I love to indulge in things that make me happy, like going for a brisk walk, listening to a podcast, or enjoying a mini high tea session. These activities not only bring me joy but also help me return to work more focused and productive.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and want to slow down, try incorporating short breaks into your day. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel both mentally and physically.

A Calm Morning Routine

How we spend our mornings can set the tone for the rest of our day. If we start our day in a frenzy, scrambling to get everything done, it's likely that we'll carry that stress with us throughout the day.

That's why it's essential to begin our day with intention and calm. One book that offers valuable insights on creating a morning routine is "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod.

Elrod suggests waking up earlier than usual and dedicating time to personal growth activities like meditation, affirmations, exercise, and reading. By carving out time for ourselves in the morning, we can set the stage for a peaceful and productive day.

Whether it's enjoying a cup of coffee on the front porch or taking a relaxing yoga class, finding a morning routine that works for us can be a powerful tool for slowing down and creating a life we love.

If you're seeking more inspiration for crafting a morning routine, check out 8 Slow Morning Rituals to Bring Hygge into Your Day and design a personalized plan that resonates with you.

Evening Rituals

As the day comes to a close, it's essential to take the time to wind down and let go of the day's stressors. Creating an end-of-the-day routine can help you slow down and set the tone for a restful night's sleep. Here are a few ideas for quiet rituals to incorporate into your evenings:

Disconnect from technology: Turn off your phone, computer, and television at least 30 minutes before bed. The blue light emitted by screens can disrupt your circadian rhythm and make it harder to fall asleep.

Take a warm bath: A warm bath with essential oils or Epsom salts can help relax your muscles and calm your mind.

Read a book: Reading a book before bed can help you unwind and shift your focus away from the day's stressors.

Write in a journal: Spend a few minutes reflecting on your day and jotting down any thoughts or feelings that come to mind. This can be a helpful way to process the day's events and release any lingering tension.

By incorporating these quiet rituals into your evening routine, you can slow down and create a peaceful, happy life.

If you want more ideas, read 10 Bedtime Rituals that Make Mornings Hyggelig

Try New Things

The purpose of life isn't solely to check off to-do lists; it's also to savor life's little delights and try new things. Adding new experiences to your routine can broaden your horizons and create precious memories that you will cherish forever.

Why not take a pottery class, learn a new language, or try a new hobby that piques your interest? You could also plan a day trip to explore a nearby park, visit a museum, or take a scenic drive to appreciate the beauty around you.

It's all about slowing down and appreciating life's little moments that make a big impact on our happiness and well-being. So go ahead, add some new experiences to your life and let them inspire you to live a life filled with joy and wonder.

Embrace Surroundings

Life can be hectic and overwhelming, and it's easy to get caught up in the chaos. But slowing down means taking the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day.

One of my favorite ways to do this is by taking a walk after dinner and watching the sunset. The way the sky transforms into a canvas of pastel hues is truly breathtaking. It's a moment of stillness in a world that's always in motion.

Take a moment to look around you and notice the small things that make life beautiful, like the shadow of trees against the night sky or the warm glow of a neighbor's windows. By embracing the beauty around us, we can cultivate gratitude and find joy in the simple things.


In our fast-paced lives, we often forget the importance of nourishing our bodies with wholesome food. Taking the time to prepare meals from scratch is one of the ways you can slow down and take care of yourself.

Cooking with fresh, whole ingredients can have numerous health benefits. And when you sit down to enjoy your meal, take the time to savor each bite and appreciate the flavors.

Creating a cozy ambiance during mealtime can also make a big difference in your overall enjoyment of food. Setting the table with a beautiful centerpiece, lighting candles, and even dining outside on a nice day can make a simple meal feel special.

Simple Moments

In a world where we're constantly searching for the next big thing, we often overlook the simple joys in life. But it's these little moments that can bring so much happiness and meaning to our lives.

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you - the first sip of coffee in the morning, the warmth of the sun on your face, or the smell of fresh flowers. These simple pleasures can help ground us and bring us back to the present moment.

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and focus on something small that brings you joy. It's these simple moments that make life so sweet.

Enjoy the Solitude

In a world that is constantly buzzing with noise, it's important to make time for solitude. Spending time alone can be uncomfortable for some, but it can bring tremendous benefits to your life.

When you're alone, you have the chance to clear your mind and reflect on your thoughts. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but it's crucial to take a step back and evaluate your path.

Use this time to reflect on your day and plan for your future. Intentional pauses can help you feel more content and grounded in a fast-paced world.

By listening to your heart and taking the time to slow down, you'll be able to find your true path in life. Embrace the solitude and allow it to bring you the peace and clarity you need.

Reading Nook

Reading is one of the most delightful ways to unwind and let go of everyday stresses. It's a perfect way to learn new things and gain new perspectives, while also taking a break from the fast pace of life.

Find a cozy corner in your home, perhaps near a window with natural light or in front of a crackling fireplace, where you can curl up and lose yourself in a good book. For me, I love displaying my favorite fiction books on my side table, with their intriguing plotlines and imaginative worlds that can transport me to another place and time with every turn of the page.

So, grab your favorite book, a warm blanket, and a hot cup of tea, and let yourself be carried away into the world of literature. It's the perfect way to slow down and savor the simple pleasures in life.

Remember, life is not a race to the finish line. It's about enjoying the journey and taking the time to savor the moments that matter most. Slowing down may seem counterintuitive in a world that values constant productivity and hustle, but it's essential for our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. By incorporating slow living practices into our daily routine, we can create a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful. So take a deep breath, appreciate the beauty around you, and embrace the slow living lifestyle with gratitude and intention.