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How to create a hygge room
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How to Create a Hyggerum

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We need restorative sleep for our physical well-being, mental alertness and emotional stability. Create a bedroom atmosphere that is serene and relaxing which promotes restfulness and a hyggerum is born. Try these tips for creating a hyggerum in your home (and it means exactly what it sounds like – a hygge room).

Keep it clean

Making your bedroom clutter-free can promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Put away the electronic devices

In order to ensure that we get a good night sleep our bodies need to produce natural melatonin. Electronic devices interfere with that process. Consider leaving your last-minute messages and game playing for daylight hours.

Create a peaceful environment

A cool and dark room with the intention of relaxation is a great start to helping you fall asleep and stay sleeping through the night.

Incorporate relaxing scents

Psychological research has found that a pleasant floral scent puts us in a better frame of mind and mood. Putting out fresh flowers, a diffuser, scented candle or lavender sachet can set the scene for a relaxed and soothing night’s rest.

Display good times                                                                 

Remembering happy times gives us psychological comfort, promotes positive feelings of belonging and reminds us that life can be meaningful and pleasurable. We can adopt a happier state of mind by displaying a few of your treasured photos by your bedside to help ensure more pleasant images and dreams as you fall asleep.