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How to Keep Present with Shop Hygge Box
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How to Keep Present

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You’ve heard it said before- it’s important to live in the present moment.

We know it’s true but when it comes to actually doing it, it’s not easy. We live in a fast paced environment with hectic schedules and there’s always something that comes up. We feel anxious, stressed and unhappy and begin to believe that this is normal and acceptable. Without realizing it, we tend to get sucked into the past and future and end up feeling worn out and out of touch with ourselves.

Here are 5 ways to keep present

1) Be aware and conscious of how you choose to live your life.

2) Commit to staying in the “now”.

3) Take every single day to be the best you and live the best life you can. The results are peace and happiness.

4) Surround yourself with those that root you in the present.

5) Put the phone down and turn off the TV and participate in present moment encouraging activities; baking, crafts, reading, hiking, cloud watching, etc.

Living in the present allows you to be still and when you live this way, you will look back on your life and be amazed. It is a privilege to get to live each day as a new opportunity as well.