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Creating a Hygge Home

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Creating a hygge home is not just about creating a warm and inviting space, it is also about promoting wellness and self-care. A hygge home can have a positive impact on the body, mind, and spirit. By incorporating soft lighting, comfortable textiles, and natural elements, a hygge home can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Adding personal touches such as family photos or artwork can also promote a sense of belonging and connection, which can have a positive impact on mental and emotional health. Ultimately, a hygge home is about creating a space that feels safe, comfortable, and welcoming - a sanctuary where you can recharge and renew your energy.

If it doesn’t always feel that way, it may be time to refresh your space, with the goal of creating more calm. Here's how I'm incorporating all five senses from the Hygge Home box to create my sanctuary.


Declutter. Physical clutter can be overwhelming. I set up 4 bags - donation, recycle, garbage and sell. Then I set a timer for 30 minutes and said goodbye to the items that only collect dust. My dining table is clear and I was able to place my new cotton table runner on it.


Aromatherapy is linked to one of our most powerful senses. The bonds between smell and memory, and therefore emotion, are very closely linked. I change up the scent of my candles, diffuser oils and incense with the seasons. I love scents that help lower stress levels and improve overall mental wellbeing. The Santal candle from the Hygge Home box was very comforting and earthy. With notes of rich amber, cedar, clover and lavender, it created a calm space in seconds. 

I used to put out candles by blowing them out, until I discovered the candle care kit which consists of a wick trimmer and candle snuffer. It has seriously upgraded my candle burning experience. By using a candle snuffer, the lingering smoke and smell of the extinguished candle are minimized. And when I'm ready to burn the candle again, I'll use the wick trimmer to cut the wick down to create an even, soot-free burn.

Taste, Touch & Sound

There are no right or wrong answers to what comforts us and for me that's food. I'm always excited to try new treats. The dark chocolate bar with sea salt from Harth was beautifully packaged and the sensation of Cornish sea salt gradually releasing in my mouth was an exquisite complement to the chocolate melting delightfully on my tongue.

And then there's the hot chocolate! I've had a lot of hot chocolate these past few months and got really good at figuring out what I need to make the perfect cup (for me). I even started a little ritual where I'd dim the lights and play soft music while I heat up milk on the stove. Harth's organic hot chocolate is thick and luxurious - a little rich for me so I added a little water and topped it off with mini marshmallows. 

One of the simple pleasures of drinking hot chocolate for me is the comforting warmth that spreads through my hands as I wrap them around my mug. The sensation of the heat seeping through my skin and the aroma of the cocoa heighten the indulgent experience.

When creating a hygge home, consider adding items that make you happy, and remove the ones that don’t. Your home should always be your sanctuary — your safe space and your place of comfort.