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Things I ate, drank, and loved in December

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I don't enjoy the cold darkness of winter, but I love December. It's one of my favorite months for so many reasons - hot chocolate, holiday lights, cozy knits, hallmark holiday movies, time with friends & family, comfort food, and relaxing! It's a month of delights, a time to celebrate the welcoming of winter and all things hygge.

Christmas Tree Farm

The first year I got my own place was also the same year I got my first real Christmas tree. It was such a hyggelig experience that it became a tradition. Every December, I look forward to bringing the smell of fresh-cut greenery into my home. Unfortunately, this past Christmas, I had to break tradition. I really missed the smell of fresh pine but found something almost as authentic as the fresh stuff, an evergreen + eucalyptus soy candle with light touches of  patchouli and cedar leaf. Anytime I want to feel like I'm walking through a Christmas tree farm, I burn this candle – it's Christmas nostalgia.


Sweet Treats

Treats also make me cozy, and I like to pamper my taste buds during winter. Warm spices and sweets are usually my go-to comfort flavors. I was very excited to try the Christmas preserves in the Wonder + Delight box. It's a delicious combination of sweet strawberries, tart blackcurrants, cranberries, mulled wine, and mixed spices. It paired perfectly with warm buttered toast.

On chilly evenings, I treat myself to a cup of hot chocolate. Cocoa is the perfect beverage for any cozy activity, whether it be watching a feel-good movie or curling up with a great book. Over the years, I've tried a lot of hot chocolate but nothing like Gingerbread hot chocolate. It's inspired by traditional 'Parisian Hot Chocolates,' which uses a blend of real, decadent Belgian chocolate with a bit of sugar to enhance and bolden the flavor. All it requires is mixing flakes of chocolate with hot milk. At first sip, it's like dunking still-warm gingerbread into a mug of smooth, creamy hot chocolate - this is how hot chocolate in December should be.

When "Wintering"

I have mild eczema, so winters can be a bit tough on my skin. Mudmasky's Leave-Me-On Winter Mask is a super-moisturizer that protects the face from cold, dry air while repairing and nourishing winter skin. Yes, please!

Home Protector

I love gnomes. In Sweden, they are known as "nisse." Gnomes are best known for guarding earthly treasures and protecting your goodies. This folklore favorite is fashioned with a green velvet hat, soft sherpa body, faux fur beard, and a wooden nose - ready to charm and delight.

A Soft Glow

In the 1990’s, no bedroom was complete without a glowing night sky on bedroom walls and ceilings. I remember having stars on my walls and it was a soothing way to fall asleep. Fast forward to today, I’m soothing myself with Hygge Haus’ super soft, glow-in-the-dark hooded blanket. It's the best and most stylish way to wrap up in the epitome of cozy, under the stars, all year long. When I put it on, I shine bright.

The Wonder + Delight box was truly delightful - filled to the brim with cozy items to beat the winter blues and live the hygge lifestyle.