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Find Calm with Hygge and Tea
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Find Calm with Hygge and Tea

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Start your day with a meaningful moment. Tehygge can fulfill a deep psychological and social need by taking us to a space that is outside the daily routine. It is a wonderful way to ensure that you make time for self-care, something that can easily get squeezed out when we are busy. Try tehygge by meditating with a cup of tea to help create a calm space in your morning routine:

  1. Finding a relaxing space in your home to drink tea.
  2. Making yourself a cup of tea and settle down to enjoy it. Keep the electronic devices away and have nothing else to do at this time.
  3. Hold the cup in both hands and allow yourself to become aware of the warmth you can feel in your palms.
  4. Breathe slowly and deeply as you sit while holding the cup.
  5. Slowly bring the cup up to your lips, be aware of how your movements bring it to the precise place you need in order to drink.
  6. Inhale softly, opening up to the aroma of the tea. Breathe normally and notice what you can smell.
  7. Then take a sip of your drink. Hold the liquid in your mouth and notice the feeling of warmth and the flavors you are experiencing.
  8. Swallow the mouthful, take notice of the tiny movements involved in moving the liquid to the back of the throat.
  9. Take a simple breath in and out, and then repeat. It’s a lovely way of bringing yourself into the spaciousness of a single moment.