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Warm & Cozy Deluxe Hygge Box Gift for Women
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Things I ate, drank, and loved in November

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If ever there was a time for comfortable pleasures, it's now. The warmth of hearth and home is what we need during these darker days. Embrace the homebody life – warm and cozy together.

Warm & Cozy Hygge Box Winter Care Package and Hygge Gift for Women


Winter Hygge Essentials

Whether you're curling up in front of a fire with a good book or heating up your frigid fingers with a warm cup, hot cocktails are exactly what you need to turn cocktail hour cozy. It’s sure to warm you up on a cold day! I found myself drawn to the beautiful blend of flavors and spices of Spiced Apple Hot Toddy. It tastes delicious mixed with bourbon or whiskey. If you don’t want any alcohol, just add hot water for a festive mocktail. For Christmas, I plan to serve this drink and garnish with fresh cranberries, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and rosemary sprigs for extra flavor and flair.

Spiced Apple Hot Toddy

Why do we crave sweets more during the colder months? Is it the comfort that it brings or nostalgia? Whatever the reasons, I am in love with chocolates from Heavenly by Schöttinger – it really is heavenly. It combines two snacks that I love – almonds and truffle chocolate. It’s really hard to eat just one but I’m using it as my “advent jar” and having one each day in December until there’s no more… then I’ll open up a second one.

Almonds in Truffle Chocolate

Hot drink, sweet indulgence… what else is a winter hygge essential, mood lighting! I used to have bright white light everywhere in my home until I took a trip to Copenhagen and every place I went, I found myself surrounded with warm lights and lamps. It certainly set the mood - it had a calming effect and put me at ease. When I arrived back home, I started changing out some of my bright bulbs for warmer ones. Home instantly felt cozier. Incorporating string lights into my home adds another layer of cozy. I’m adoring the stargazing lights from the Warm + Cozy box. I have it set up in my bedroom and every time I stare at it, it feels like I’m gazing at stars in the sky.

Stargazing LED Lights


Winter offers us the opportunity to change routine and welcome a new version of ourselves. With the right products, as well as a planned skin care routine, you can make sure you’ll be glowing through the entire season. Truffle Therapy Morning Dew Botanical Cleansing Gel is a wonderful product to add to your winter skincare routine because it’s a gentle daily cleanser formulated to thoroughly cleanse skin, uplift and brighten the complexion, while also protecting it from free radical and environmental damage. For those with sensitive skin, like myself, the gentleness of this cleanser is ideal for winter and it also leaves your skin feeling super soft.

Truffle Therapy Cleansing Oil

Another practice to add to your routine for healthy skin-care is to simply keep your body moving. Winter is a struggle for many of us because it’s harder to stay active when the days are cold and there is less daylight. Do your best to stay active in some way as a means of keeping yourself energized, invigorated and to help stimulate a natural, healthy glow. Nothing makes me feel more grateful than knowing I’ve done something special for myself each day, even if it’s something simple. Personally, I enjoy a quiet, brisk evening walk with my pup and an oversized cozy wrap – like the one in the Warm + Cozy box. It’s a generous dose of cozy goodness to whatever outfit you're wearing.

Cozy Wrap


The last item in the Warm + Cozy Box was pure delight - a heart gnome! I encountered gnomes on my first trip to Scandinavia and have loved them ever since. I now own a collection of various sized gnomes. Some sit out all year round while others make their appearance on specific holidays. According to Scandinavian folklore, gnomes are known for bringing good luck, protection, and rewarding their household with love and happiness!


The Warm + Cozy box was filled with comfort and inspiration for a 'slow-vember,' - to enjoy the season's delights, both spectacular and simple.